The chances are that if you are reading this, you are looking for help with an IT problem and your search of the web brought you to us or perhaps you have heard about us from a colleague or friend. However you got here, please take a moment to have a look around and find out more about us

If you think we can help you, then please contact us so that we can discuss your needs further.

What do we offer?

Our aim is to make IT work for you by finding solutions to your business problems.

This may be:

  • building bespoke applications
  • improving processes
  • designing a new web-site or redesigning your existing web-site
  • adding functionality to existing solutions
  • installing a small office network, including NAS/File server, fault tolerance, PCs, software and/or cloud solutions
  • training your staff to make better use of the solutions you already have
  • remote user support
  • data migration

Our experience from working with one of the worlds largest pharmaceutical companies has given us expertise in producing robust and validated systems.

Building an on-going relationship with our customers.

Your business doesn’t stand still and neither should your IT systems. It is important therefore, for your IT systems and existing solutions to adapt to meet your changing needs. It is vital that you can trust your partners in this area which is why we believe our small company is perfect to help you, you will get to know us and we will get to know you and a mutual trust can be established to help you meet your goals. It is a simple fact that we succeed when you succeed.