Subscription Services

JCS has developed two subscription services for two specific needs.

eMembership – is a simple Online Membership system that you can maintain  from any web browser. It is used to store details about members of your club/association but it’s real benefit is that it can be used to print membership cards and letters on special A4 blanks. See our eMembership Website for more details.

OPAS – OnLine Planning Application System is for use by civic parish councils to track, plan and manage responses to local planning applications. It provides a means to capture new applications from local authorities, send out requests to parish council members to comment, collate the responses before building a consolidated response to the council.

OPAS provides the following :

  • allows for the capture of new planning applications
  • notifies responsible parish councillors of new applications
  • collating responses from parish councillors on applications
  • building agendas for parish council meetings
  • capturing metrics for analysis
  • captures and manages appeals of decision

Please call for more information and a demonstration