Small Office Solutions

Our Small Office Solution includes all the components to run a small office, includes PCs, printer, shared storage, security and fault tolerance, software and consultancy to get your office up and running.

Our small office solution is based around a NAS (network attached storage), this provides many of the features typically found on more expensive file server, e.g. DNS server, DHCP server, file sharing and intranet web server. Mirrored disks on the NAS adds a level of fault tolerance, but we also recommend off site backups, UPS for power protection and anti-virus protection on PCs. We can procure all the hardware, software and configure prior to delivery into your office space. We can arrange for any cabling needs, liaise with telecoms to get broadband and telephone connected.

We can build and setup your intranet, setup email, internet on our hosted servers or your own platform if required.

Once installed we offer a monthly support contract to keep you and running. Providing remote support and if needed on-site visits.

JCS partners with eSet UK to provide security software and Microsoft for cloud software including office and exchange mailboxes.