Lotus Notes db archive

If you are decommissioning a Lotus Notes database but still need access to the data, we have the solution to help you.

A notes database contains two main constructs. Documents contain the data and Views make it possible to find the documents. 

Out solution uses an in-house tool to convert all the Notes documents to pdf files. Then all the views are converted to a HTML pages, which links to the pdf documents, this makes it easy to navigate and find documents just like the Notes database itself.

All the files are packaged into a neat structure which you can use direct from DVD, hard drive or network drive without any special software, (it assumed that everyone will have a web browser and an pdf document reader).

We can customise this solution to make the conversion useable in migration projects, so that the data can also be imported into third party solutions. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and customise the solution for you.

Check our Archiving Solution.