Our Solutions

We offer you our knowledge and experience of working for many years as IT consultants to help you achieve your goals.  Our experience of talking to clients whether they are large corporations or small businesses, means that we can offer advice to make efficient use of your existing applications or help you develop new solutions for your needs.

Our aim is to make IT work efficiently for you and your company, whether this is through training, support or new applications.

Complete Design Solution

Developing new applications for one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies has provided us with the experience and knowledge of working to very exacting standards, we offer a complete design solution:

  • analysis
  • design
  • development & testing
  • implementation & testing
  • training
  • support

which will result in fully documented and validated systems with the following documentation if required:

  • business requirements
  • system requirements
  • system specification
  • test scripts
  • user manuals

Analysis Phase

A great design begins with careful analysis of the requirements, this helps both of us to understand what is to be delivered and what to expect. As a company you may have already defined your requirements in a Business Requirements Document but even if you have, it is important for both of us to understand these requirements and it is vital that this phase is completed to prevent disappointment and lots of re-work further on in the process.

This phase will result in business and system requirement documents.

Design Phase

Designing a solution may be quite obvious some of the time, but more often it requires some lateral thinking. There is normally more than one way to achieve a goal and this provides an opportunity for interaction between us. Your team should be part of this process so they feel a sense of ownership of the completed system.

The business and system requirements may be altered because of this phase as solutions often open up more opportunities not previously thought of.

This phase will result in updated business requirements, system requirements and system specification documents. In addition there may also be prototype systems developed to demonstrate proof of concept.

Development & Testing Phase

At this stage the work of building the actual system will begin. Testing will also be integral to the development, as the system is built, we build test scripts to ensure that the system fulfils the desired purpose as documented in the systems requirement and systems specification documents. User acceptance Testing documents can also start to be written.

This phase will result in a working development and test system, system test scripts and completed system tests documents and user acceptance scripts.

Implementation & Testing Phase

Now the system is ready to be tested by the users. The whole system will be installed in the final work environment and tested to ensure that it meets business requirements.

This phase will result in a live working system and completed user acceptance test documents.


If required, users can be given specific training in the operation of the system, it is good practice to ensure users are fully familiar with the system they are expected to use, you may choose to do this in-house or use us to train users. We can prepare material for your use if you wish.

Support & on-going Development

It is almost impossible to have a computer system that at some point does not require support or change, this could be hand holding users in the initial use of the system or it could be because of a change in business requirements. We believe that the design of a system is only the start of a long term partnership between us, where our aim is always to ensure IT works best for you.

To find out how we can help please contact us.